This is not a mystery anymore but already the established norm. You’ve heard everyone say it. If you wanna go big, you need to go online.
But even with all this going around, you are still not convinced. You are still wondering why you should take the risk.
Well, we’re gonna change all that. Without further ado, here are…

The 5 reasons why you should take your business online today!


Reason 1: Business 24/7

24/7 business

You already know, it is very difficult to operate a physical shop past the traditional working hours and even if you do, it is extremely difficult to find the employees willing to work in the odd hours.

On the internet, this is not a problem.

Once you go online and establish yourself, essentially through a website, business will continue even while you sleep. Through the power of the internet, your customers can visit you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Okay, 366 days if it’s a leap year. Fine.

The point is, you no longer have to worry about manning the counter every minute. Through the internet, your customers can browse their options and place their orders with the click of a button even before you open your shop in the morning.


Reason 2: Sell to the world

When setting up a business, the location is very important. You might have strained your brain deciding to set up your shop where you did. And after reaping all the benefits your business area had to offer, you might have no doubt wanted to expand your business.

But to where?

To the next town or the next country perhaps?

Well, why not to the entire world?

The good news for you is, through the internet this is more than possible. With the technology today, your customers can access the internet from anywhere in the world. In other words, you can have a customer from anywhere in the world.

Consumers around the world use the internet to do their research about the product before they actually explore the stores. It is during these searches that many customers meet their seller.

So go online, your next customer could be one online search away.


Reason 3: Maximize image

If you have been operating for a time, you might know, customers have so many questions in their minds.

Let it be about the product before they buy it or for user guidance after, the questions will never stop. And if your customers like you by now, then you might’ve been doing a pretty good job helping these lost souls.

So here’s a question. Why not do it better?

Through the internet your customers don’t have to meet you to clarify their doubts. Meaning even your angry customers will turn to their computers rather than exploding in your face.

The internet has created a way for you.

Today, you can use Online Forums to set up your customers to discuss their problems and about the products online. This way, customers with mutual product experiences can help each other without your intervention. If you’re doing a pretty good job with your products then this will be a good platform for some word-of-mouth marketing as well.


Reason 4: Reduce expenses

You’re correct. You might have to spend some money to start your online venture. But considering the investments that you put in for any usual business experiment, this cost is more than negligible.

Let’s see why.

With almost all businesses going online, the people willing to get you there have also increased. So as a first, you can get these services at competitive prices.

But the real magic starts after you go online.

For this, just recall the expenses you incurred when setting up your physical shop, or better yet, your first branch office. What are the things that cost you?

A new building, office equipment, proper utilities, hiring new employees, setting up communication channels, etc, etc, etc… the list doesn’t end. Even worse, this list repeats itself every time you set up a new branch.

On the internet, this is unnecessary. Spend intelligently on setting up and your business will have branches all over the world with a one time cost.


Reason 5: Mother nature

Ever keep count of the stationery you buy every month? Ever realized how much paper you throw away? Well, it’s about time we all did.

From the sheet you throw away after sketching an idea and the error-ridden documents you shred to the gasping amounts of receipts issued every day, all this is paper. In other words, trees. The waste of paper is all but inevitable in the physical world.

But not so much on the internet.

Through the power of technology, almost all your data can be stored on servers reducing the amount of paper you use. Through virtual transactions using the services such as PayPal, you can go green and won’t have to waste a single sheet of paper on receipts.

Apart from this, think about the fuel you save everyday when your employees don’t have to travel and all the fresh air it saves.

From deforestation to air pollution, you can be the person who helped eliminate them all. You can go online today. Feel good.

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