With the fast growing use of phones, and people always being busy with no time to waste, waiting in queue for hours can be a horrible experience, and missing out in what you love can be troublesome.

With recent studies, it has been estimated approx. 22 Million population with an annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of USD 75 Billion, which translates to USD 3,409 per capita, per annum or USD 17 per work day or USD 2 per work hour. On Average, a typical Sri Lankan can lose up to 50 WORK HOURS PER YEAR on waiting time for core service offerings such as Banking, Government Agencies, Private Agencies, Health Care, other Core Services. Which directly correlates to a LOSS of USD 2.7 Billion Or 3.6% Total GDP.

This can be reduced to 95% by having an “Online Appointment Management System” and for this same purpose, we at EasyBooking created an application that allows you to make online appointments at your most suitable time. We were able to put up some key points as to why you should embrace an “Online Appointment Management System” such as EasyBooking and how it can affect your daily life.


From the very start, our mission was to create a service that saves you time, so that you can spend more time doing what you love! Which is why we created our tagline “Easiest and fastest way to book appointments”. As such you don’t have to waste a lot of time in long lasting queues for no reason.


Don’t you hate it when your customer forgets about their appointment or gets the time or date wrong? How much time do you spend daily going through your appointment book and sending out reminders just so that your clients will remember to come for the services they booked in the first place? Appointment reminders are now a day to day use in the appointment industry and are expected by clients. EasyBooking lets you configure reminders and can automatically send emails or SMS to your customers to remind them in every step of the way, which minimizes ‘no-shows’ and making your customer feel like they are important! This will also help your customers to keep a check of any important event they might have to go for.

Reduces over bookings, double bookings and reduces ‘no-shows’

Over-bookings and double bookings happen all the time. You may forget to write down your customer’s appointment, these things happen. EasyBooking lets you set your working hours for each day and clearly mark you as ‘not working’ during your unavailable hours. As such, this doesn’t waste your or the customer’s time.

Expand your Presence

Customers expect to see you online these days. Whether that be on Facebook or by searching Google. With more and more people using their phones to browse and book for services, EasyBooking gives you the tools to expand your presence. Accept bookings and let customers find you quickly!