Schedule online
Customers love scheduling themselves anytime, anywhere in seconds Our statistics show that over 55% bookings are made outside business hours!

Flexible business hour setting allow you to have complete control over your schedule

You can control your business hours at both staff and service levels giving you the flexibility you need. And Open regular intervals from 5 minutes to a whole day or irregular intervals. It’s completely customizable!

Run your business from your pocket
Real time notifications, automatic Google calendar sync, a fully functional mobile admin console ensure that you maintain complete control of your business no matter where you are!

Powerful business analytics
Measure your customer’s satisfaction and your staff performance. Generate reports of your staff performance in a matter of seconds!

Be where your customers are
Facebook Convert Facebook into a booking platform Your Website Convert website visitors into customers! No Website Don’t have your own website? We have you covered!

Customer satisfaction
EasyBooking is supported by a team of dedicated professional who are always available via email, chat and phone.